DNA Activation,  Past Life Regressions,
Karmic Completions and New Beginnings 

10 Days Annual workshop

Going to the source of your creations...

Clearing and removing all the weeds of doubts. unconscious beliefs and irrational fears,  which are chaining you for reasons, unknown...
Relationships which do not seem to be working, no matter how hard you try.
Money, health, sex issues which do not seem to go away, no matter what remedy you apply.

DNA Awakening, Past Life Regression, Karmic Completions and New beginnings is about stepping into your own essense!

Participant Testimony
Rohini Fernandes

The time period of the workshop for 10 days is a good thing because even though the main changes happened by day 5 it gave me the time to digest and imbibe what was happening to me.
The workshop space and energy was conducive to this and if we had gone home earlier I wouldn't have been able to go through the process of transforming very well.

I also like the fact that the workshop is conducted not in a typical classroom environment. We can lie down and eat during a session and that makes me more comfortable and helps me in opening up more.

I enjoy it when the sessions are done anywhere from the dining table to a car to a terrace.
The continuous changes in location are refreshing and I feel it also lets me understand myself from different perspectives.
The outings were fun and also had a purpose behind them and I like learning lessons the practical way rather than just in theory.

Even though the workshop has long hours each day and can go on till midnight there is never a boring moment. All the exercises are fun and at the same time serious enough for me to understand myself.

What could be better?
I honestly can't think of anything that could be made better cause I didn't even realise how soon 10 days flew by and how much I got transformed in this short period.

I feel complete and happy with what I have got from this.

I am amazed at how well people react when I tell them I have seen them in a past life with me.

It was just my ego that was preventing me from talking to them, now that I have pushed that aside even those who don't believe in past life are willing to listen to me and let me share my experiences with them.

I am currently doing the Kryon workshops with my husband and have participated in the Reiki,
Who Am I?, Beyond Fengshui, One to One Past Life Session and am eagerly awaiting for the  Who Am I? 2 to be declared.

Sushma Chaudhary.

I participated in the ‘DNA Activation, Past Regression, Karmic Completion & New Beginnings’ workshop.

I realised that I experience the most accepting and non-threatening space in all workshops of Kryon Source.  And I do not want you to just believe me. You know why?
Because I want you to participate in their workshops and experience it for yourself,
as my family and myself have done.  Have also organised the workshops in NIA in Pune.
Would request all to organise the workshops as it is so much fun.
The next upcoming workshop of theirs is ‘Beyond Feng Shui’ on 6th -9thSept 2012 which I have registered for.

Dr. Mohan Dubey

I have no words to thank all of you. It was memorable
 moments spent.
Each one of you contributed in his/her own ways to guide me to look at life, through a totally different perspective.

From morning to evening to night, the way sessions were conducted in between having breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, was so nicely organised that the sessions became very light and enjoyable.

It was so good going into our past lives.  The way the sessions were explained and experienced,
I became aware of the power and unity of the mind, body and soul when put together.
Today I look at life in a totally different way and all credit goes to the workshop

GOD Bless all of us.
Yours affectionately,

G.Gajar (Mohan)