Kryon Reiki and Soul Connection

2 Days

                                                          A Reiki and Soul Connection Workshop gives you the initiation to the
                                                      flow of Reiki Energy through your body. This energy is the energy
                                                      of love that allows you to heal yourself and others.
                                                      Guide Communication is also performed through guided visualizations
                                                      so that you become aware of your guides and how you can take their
                                                      help to take your life towards joy and abundance.

The word Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy.
Kryon New Age Reiki is a balancing, energising & healing energy that works beyond feelings, faith, belief system & religion. It is a holistic energy which flows wherever required bringing in gratitude and abundance.

Reiki can be made available to:
* Human Beings (energizing the main chakras, each linked to an endocrine gland i.e ductless glands secreting essential life hormones)
*  Animals, Trees , electronics, books, traffic, thoughts,  projects, processes, etc.

Teachers (Podar School, Santra Cruz, Mumbai)

“ We felt at last someone thought about teachers as human beings & what we go through in fulfilling our responsibilities as teachers .”

Paromita, Mumbai, India     Human and Animal Reiki Workshop

I wanted to share certain permanent changes in me after doing Reiki.
I was non-vegetarian earlier. After doing Reiki, cant think of non-vegetarian at all.
I used to talk without thinking (very blunt) now i talk to the point but in a matured manner.
Reiki is helping me to stay calm and focussed. Feeling awesomly great.

Sharda Chawla,   Delhi, India
                  Reiki Workshop

I had no idea what to expect and reached the venue without really knowing what I was in for.
From the word ‘go’, I took to it
like a fish takes to water. 
I do not know if Reiki is an art or a science or a combination of both. 
But, it sure is a rare experience, an experiential treat!
As we pray in gratitude, make an
 affirmation and begin to harness the metaphysical energy in two cupped hands,  the MAGIC begins.  Once we allow the body to be a  medium, the process takes over.  Eyes closed, one awake but not fully awake; one is quiet but not really asleep.
Slowly the cleansing begins, the chakras open up and the body becomes feather-light, almost floating and meditative.
Thank you for being the MAGIC in our lives!