All our workshops are interactive and experiential

Who Am I?
Accessing your Infinite Self
Body, Food & Sex
The Art of Feng Shui
& Beyond
4 days Workshop

This workshop provides you with the tools to connect with your body and
establish intuitive communication with your body's basic physical needs
which is food, exercise and sex.
6 months of a
transformational Journey

A bold approach to the quest
Who AM I? to start ones journey to
'I AM'
3 months Ongoing Workshop
with theory and praticals.
Can be joined at any time.

Carry a layout/floor plan of your home/ office/ shop/ restaurant...
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Reiki-Telepathic Communication with Animals, Plants & People
DNA Activation,  Regressions, Karmic Completions and
New Beginnings 

Join in on a 3 day magical journey of learning Reiki and Telepathic Communication with all forms of nature. Expand your world to create a beautiful co-existence ....

10 Day Annual Workshop
Going to the source of your creations...
Clearing and removing all the
weeds of doubts. unconscious beliefs and irrational fears, .....
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One on One
Personal Sessions

Spiritual Mentoring
Kryon Channelings for Leadership
The experience of being human is
the ability to work at our maximum potential and explore endless possibilities.
The personal coaching sessions use techniques like psychometric analysis, regression and progression and energetic reading to evaluate blocks in personal growth.
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Past Regressions,  Karmic Completions, Healings and
New Creations

Beyond FengShui
The ancient science of Chinese divination, Feng Shui is the practice of bringing about good fortune among the living, the dead and the spiritual world by making sure objects placed in a home...
4 Hour One on One  Private Session
We have a pattern in our behaviour that keeps on repeating unconsciously as if on auto-pilot. We also have a number of trigger points. When anyone presses these trigger ...
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