This workshop provides you with the tools to connect with your body and establish intuitive communication with your body’s basic physical needs which is food, exercise and sex.’

  • Each individual and their needs are unique.
  • Then why follow a generic method to complete them?
  • Every human being is different and unique and has its own body disposition.
  • What works for one cannot be generalised for others.
  • One man’s food is another man’s poison.

Thats why in Body Food & sex consciousness Workshop, we respect the uniqueness of each human being and do not look at diet, weight loss , exercise as a One size fits all conversation.

Investment: Rs. 55,000 + 18% GST (Rs. 64,900) 


Some aspects which get covered in the four day Body Food & Sex Consciousness Workshop are thus:

Food Mindfulness

What are my conversations around food?

  • Conversations around food and eating
  • How do I look at the food I eat ? Is it enmeshed in do’s and don’ts, the rules of dieting and restrictions or Do I look at food with celebration or Is it just wishful thinking ?
  • Emotions attached to food – suppression / greed
  • Myths around food and eating
  • Eating Patterns
  • Homing and Craving Foods
  • Which food does your body require for now?

Body Awareness

How am I connected with my Body

  • In my deepest of hearts how do I desire to feel, look and be : Handsome or Beautiful, or do I have a regret around my body ?
  • Body parts adored / liked by me & those I am uncomfortable with and which require a change
  • Exercises, clothes & accessories which my body requires
  • Emotions stored in my body

Weight Realisations :

  • Concept & function of Weight
  • What I feel and think about my weight?
  • Is weight connected to food, eating habits, emotions ?

Sex Consciousness

What is my relationship with Sex?

  • Is it buried under the closet with rules of morality?
  • Do I experience freedom and maturity?

Busting Myths around Sex

  • Respecting Sex as our Source from where we were born
  • Healthy relationship with Sex
  • Conversations with freedom about sex and around sex