Our story is about Poonam Bharti, epitome of beauty, poise and grace.

Stepping into the path of radical transformation in 1998, at the age of 37 she founded the Kryon Wisdom Centre, organising live experiential and interactive workshops, targeting all 8 billion people, with no bias of age, gender, color, caste or creed. The main focus of Kryon Wisdom Centre workshops are to support each individual in accessing their unlimited potential.

Over the years, she introduced one of her flagship workshops, the ‘Body Food & Sex Consciousness’ which talks about understanding that true beauty lies in unconditional love and acceptance of your own body. This four-day workshop discusses how to nourish one’s own Body Mind and Soul without deprivation, feeling guilt or self-flogging, especially for women, who are expected to address their body according to societal standards.


Given below are some feedback from the participants of the Workshop, sharing their experience of inner- makeover:


“I am a XXL size. Every time I walked into a showroom and tried on clothes I ended up feeling frustrated as I would often not get my size. Asking for a bigger size would further embarrass me. All this changed when I met Poonam Bharti and attended her one of its kind Body Food & Sex Consciousness Workshop which made me accept and love myself just the way I am. After the workshop I realised that I am not FAT but it’s my body that has FAT.  Size does not matter to me anymore and I don’t shy from shopping.” -Namita

“I have always had some resistance to exercise. I would find it difficult to attend my yoga class and would keep looking at the watch desperately wanting the hour to end. After the workshop, I am more in tune with my body and listen to it. It tells me of the Asanas that my body requires and while doing so i am experiencing flow” -Priti

Sujata, a participant, while doing the Emotions with food exercise realised her sudden hunger pangs was triggered off whenever she had an argument with her father and had left her feeling low in self-esteem and confidence. Her hunger pangs was not related to hunger but was anger. She verbalised this by saying “I am angry and I love my father very much and I resent him for putting me down. I am upset with him but am not hungry anymore”. Doing this she realised emotions are not good or bad… they are simply emotions. Being aware of its origin and dealing with it made her hunger disappear.

This is an exercise for everyone reading this article: Close your eyes and observe a time you have eaten/smoked/drank excessively. Were there emotions involved and if yes what were they. Go to the root of the emotion and ask yourself are you interested in dealing with it. First thing is to acknowledge the emotion by verbalizing it, ‘I am angrysad, happy etc.’

Now what would you like to do? Would you like to eat/smoke/drink, or address the emotion or reaction?

So before you grab food the next time ask yourself: are you really hungry or letting out a pent up emotion?

A large part of the workshop also covers consciousness of Body and Sex.  Over the years we have discussed sex in hushed tones or under the sheets. Through the workshop, we realise that sex is our source, where we, our parents, our grandparents are a product of Sex.

The focus lies on being released from all conversations of morality rules and truly experience freedom and maturity, resulting in a healthy and natural relationship with sex.

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