Past Regressions, Karmic Completions and Healings and New Creations

One on One Private Sessions

We have a pattern in our behaviour that keeps on repeating unconsciously as if on auto-pilot. We also have a number of trigger points. When anyone presses these trigger points, we react. We may also have a fear that haunts us, a subconscious thought that pulls us back from certain places, things, objects, animals or relationships.
Why do these happen?
These are because of accumulated experiences from our past.
Maybe from this current life or a previous birth.
In a regression progression session, the person regresses to the incident, releasing the underlying cause from the root to breathe lighter and happier. Eased out of the uncertainity and fear and experiences the freedom to create anew.
The Kryon facilitators with 20 years of experience, gently guide you through a 3 hour session. The sessions are held with a prior appointment.

Salonie Patel


The one on one session was not only liberating but also very eyeopening. I felt a sense of calm at he same time an array of emotions that I didn’t think I would feel.
The purpose for which I came there was fulfilled but through the experience I had more questions I thought I wanted answers too. In due time I think.
The session was comfortable and was easy to go through. I did not have to struggle to jump time zones and it was more or less easier than I expected. Also I had no clue of what I was going to experience at all so it was fascinating.
The clarity with which I was able to visualise and answer questions was mind blowing and I that’s because of the way it was guided.
I would definitely do it again

Rohini Fernandes


I have had one on one sessions at various points in my life to work on my relationships and health. Each session is so intense and gives me so much clarity. When I wanted to work on a health issue, the facilitator took me to a past life in less than a few minutes! In that past life I understood the root cause of my health concern and how to take charge of my life in the present so that I am no longer affected by it. The session was amazingly simple and at the same time, deep and transforming.
When I had a session on relationships, my husband and I were just married and fighting almost all the time.  Like most newly married couples we were finding it difficult to adjust to each other. The facilitator opened my eyes to the truth about myself. I realized how conveniently I was blaming my husband for everything and how I was bossing over our marriage.  This made an enormous impact on our relationship once I started to be honest with myself and my husband  about my patterns and behavior. One session was all it took for me to see the rift I was creating in our marriage and we now have a healthy, loving relationship thanks to that one session. My husband also started changing once he saw the shift in me and we love each other more than ever now!