Reiki-Telepathic Communication

with Animals, Plants and People

All Kingdoms are family to us and intricately bonded and weaved together.

We are Not Independant. We are interdependant creatures – to live in harmony with each other.

One of the reasons we love keeping plants and pets as family, they provide us unconditional love.

Would you now like to strengthen this bond by a 2 way communication ? Yes!

We at Kryon Wisdom Centre facilitate ‘Reiki -human, animal, plant and Communication’ workshops to develop a harmonius relationship by tuning into different frequencies of the universe.

Method used

We practise the method of Reiki to teach Human, Animal and Plant
communication. Reiki is a scientific technique utilising thought, intent,
and action energy of various frequencies and vibration.

Reiki is based on the principle that the therapist / participant can channel
energy into one self, and/or to another, by means of touch and thought
energy; to activate and/or restore physical, emotional and spiritual

It is experiential in nature and a simple technique to learn from the age of 4 onwards.

When you practice Reiki, you start clearing your own energies and blockages;
and you then learn how to energize, heal and telepathically communicate with humans, animals and plants, and listen to them.

Giving Reiki energises and helps in reducing stress, emotional issues, fears,
behavior problems and facilitates the healing process.
When we learn to listen and communicate, we begin to see a whole new world
from different dimensions.

Workshop Participant Feedback

Today a whole new universe was opened up to me. This being my level 1 refresher course, I felt that I was a brand new person. This experience and these feelings are so new & fresh, that I am loving every moment of it.

The full body Reiki for the past 3 days opened up my levels of communication channels for my body. With this, now I do not need to ask any questions to the plant or animal kingdom and wait for an answer. Today the answers were just flowing to me or should I say the “communication” was flowing to me from “plant & animal kingdom”…. They were all just waiting to communicate with me.

We were at “THE HOUSE OF PAWZ” in the morning for our communication session, since I know most of the dogs at the kennel. For the communication excercise, I just went up to the dogs and requested them to communicate anything they wanted to. And two dogs distinctively came up to me and communicated their feelings.

One of them is CHESTER….. His family recently had a baby and he spoke to me “I want to go home. I want to be with my family. I know they have a baby now. And I want to be with the baby. I want to play with the baby. Please tell my family that I will not hurt the baby. Please ask them to take me home”

2nd was DAPHNE… She told me these things “I am very upset. I go for adoption camps. People look at me, find me very cute, click pictures of me, hold me, cuddle me… But none of them adopt me. I feel very upset. And I would like Shruti to take me out. I like going out.”

And that is why, we decided to take Daphne & her brother out for lunch and we had a wonderful time. I am so glad, I had connected & communicated with the dogs. And this is only bcoz of REIKI opend up the channels for me and the universe energies granted me connections with the animal and plant kingdom!!!

Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!
Hayati Bawaskar