What is Feng Shui ?

Fengshui (pronounced fengshway), is a science, whose goal is to create balance and harmony with the elements of nature, namely – air, water, earth, fire, space… each with its unique association to certain color, material and symbolism in our homes and environment.

This ancient science works with the circulation and flow of the lifeforce energy in the living and working environment to achieve this. Feng Shui is much more than breaking walls , hanging chimes or learning how to orient your bed and desk. It is an extraordinary combination of science, universal laws, intuition, common sense, design, and ecology, which can be used by everyone beneficially and effectively to enhance their lives.

The art of Feng Shui and beyond in practice is a personal, interpersonal and spatial transformation: a profound healing that takes into consideration the needs of the whole person and the environment.


The art of Feng shui and beyond Workshop is a practical and experiential journey of four months. The Workshop is an ongoing one, and a participant has the choice of joining in at any given point, during the year.

Prior to the Initial Session, every participant completes a confidential Questionnaire which helps him/her to determine the best way to address his/her specific situation and individual need.

Subsequently there are inperson sessions, self reflections , study and live projects to undertake in real life, which help each participant evaluate what is going on in various areas of their life; which areas of life are flowing smoothly, which need strengthening, & which aspects need complete make-over.

Working on your home/ office/ shop/ restaurant/ factory layout, you begin to realise that your space is a complete reflection of your life; and how a few minor changes there ,can bring in a shift in the Chi and in your life.

The four month journey is powerful process of transformative healing.


Investment: Rs. 64,900 (inclusive of 18% GST)

Course Offers

  • Hands-on holistic and practical approach to Feng Shui and Beyond.
  • Clutter-clearing & space enhancing exercises.
  • Body Feng Shui exercises.
  • Balancing and harmonizing the five elements in a given space.  
  • Feng Shui principles and case studies to transform your environment.
  • Understanding the Bagua map in relation to your home/ workplace and its effect on your life. Detailed insight into the: Five Elements, Yin-Yang, Constructive and Destructive Energy Cycles and Inter-Dependency.


  • Clarity in career goals and purpose.
  • Deeper connection with  home, workplace, environment and self.
  • Enhanced relationships and growth in creativity and resourcefulness.
  • Prosperity, peace, love and abundance.