Have you always wanted to understand, communicate and train with dogs?

Our experiential Dog Training course covers all you ever wanted to learn about DOGS!

Get hands on experience working with dogs of all sizes and temperaments.

Our professional trainers will work with you on connecting withour canine friends on a deeper level, by training techniques and telepathic communication.

This course offers practical hands-on experience through actually working with dogs, as well as communicating with them on how they would like to be trained.

Discover how to train from a dog’s point of view, and become a loving and compassionate pack leader.

Learn to listen to dogs and have them tune in to you, regardless of the distraction, indoors and outdoors, on leash and off leash.

This course covers a wide range of topics on everything related to dogs.

What will one learn:

  • Reiki for animals and people
  • Telepathic animal communication
  • Puppy Training
  • Therapy Dog Training
  • Basic and Advanced Commands
  • Training with hand signals and verbal commands
  • Off leash training
  • Training with distraction
  • Working with all behaviour issues
  • First Aid for dogs
  • Diets and Nutrition
  • Tricks and Agility
  • Projects to help you build confidence as a Pack Leader
  • Mentoring (specific Skype sessions for outstation participants)


  • Training dogs without force/loud noises
  • Unique training styles minus choke chains or treats
  • Confidence to handle dogs with different personalities
  • Delivering commands where the pets obey by instinct


Venue- Mumbai, India
Duration- 1 Year
Investment- Rs. 1,77,000 (inclusive of GST) (down payment options available)