Imagine yourself carrying a cup of coffee from the counter and heading to your table. On the way you bang into a stranger and the coffee is all over your shirt. Why did the coffee spill?

Because the stranger banged into you? Or because you banged into the stranger without seeing?

The coffee spilled because there was coffee in the cup.

Whatever is inside of you is what will spill out. You can expect just this at our workshops… whatever is inside of you will be spilled out in the most natural environment with fun games/activities in a real life setting. When your egos get busted, know that the workshop has worked for you.

Up for it? Here are our workshops… 

Who Am I

Who Am I?

Accessing your Infinite Self 6 months of a transformational Journey A bold approach to the quest Who AM I? to start ones journey to ‘I AM’

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Sex, Body, & Food Consciousness

Sex, Body & Food Consciousness

6 months on-going workshop with theory and practical.
Can be joined at any time.

Pollan showed the words “Chocolate Cake” to a group of Americans.
“Guilt” was the top response.

If that strikes you as unexceptional, consider the response of French eaters to the same prompt: “Celebration.”
― Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto

All of us have an opinion about our body, food, weight, sex… We think it could be better!!!!

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The Art of Feng Shui & Beyond

The Art of Feng Shui & Beyond

6 months Ongoing Workshop with theory and praticals. Can be joined at any time.

Carry a layout / floor plan of your home / office / shop / restaurant…

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Reiqi Telepathic Communication with Animals, Plants & People

Reiqi Telepathic Communication with Animals, Plants & People

Join in on a 3 day magical journey of learning Reiki and Telepathic Communication with all forms of nature. Expand your world to create a beautiful co-existence ….

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Canine Training and Communication Course


Have you always wanted to understand, communicate and train with dogs?

Our experiential Dog Training course covers all you ever wanted to learn about DOGS!

Get hands on experience working with dogs of all sizes and temperaments.

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One on One Counselling and Past Life Regression


Are you faced with:

  • An issue, which seems unresolvable?
  • Stuck in a stubborn pattern/habit/addiction from which you can untangle yourself
  • A fear or memory, which haunts you?
  • A thought, which has chained you into being unproductive?
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Feng Shui Consultancy

Support in implementation of Feng Shui in your life

Fengshui an ancient science, aims to create balance and harmony with the elements of nature, namely – air, water, earth, fire, space, in our homes and environment. The art of Feng Shui and beyond is a personal, interpersonal and spatial Transformation Workshop offered by Wisdom Centre.

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House of Pawz, a Cage-less Pet Boarding & Day Care Centre

We’re a team of dedicated individuals working tirelessly to provide every furry boarder individualized attention and tender loving care, as our own.

We believe it’s important to get to know your Doggie-Care provider, as you are trusting us with a furry member of your family. WithHouse of Pawz, you can rest assured your pets are in the best, most qualified hands in the business.

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Canine Training Services

Canine Training Services

Create a beautiful bond of trust and friendship with your fur baby. Enjoy leaving them off-leash with confidence Learn training commands in class along with your pet.

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Consultancy Services for Businesses and Start-ups

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