One on One Counselling and Past Life Regression


Are you faced with:

  • An issue, which seems unresolvable?
  • Stuck in a stubborn pattern / habit / addiction from which you can untangle yourself
  • A fear or memory, which haunts you?
  • A thought, which has chained you into being unproductive?

Welcome to your own one on one session with Kryon Wisdom Centre!


This is the space where you will feel held, supported and listened to, like a loving friend would, and not given advice or talked down to!


Our team of trained Coaches, Counsellors, Body Workers, Past Life Therapists & Psychotherapists are committed to help you in clearing the cobwebs and interferences of the past, perhaps even past lives, and create action plans for a new and more powerful you…


By prior appointment FOUR HOUR SESSIONS


  • Regressing to source of the pattern
  • Understanding the root cause and impact of the same
  • Release the underlying cause of this pattern and helping you to
  • Experience clarity and freedom to recreate a new YOU powerfully
  • Investment: Rs. 25,000 + 18% GST (Rs. 29,500) 

In our sessions you will not be mollycoddled, but will be held with commitment and encouraged to walk out with a belief in yourself and specific action plans to live the same!!!

We encourage you to walk in if you know that you want to live a powerful life, not in some distant future….BUT NOW…

And you will not allow anyone, not even yourself, to come in the way!


“I always had this habit of leaving everything incomplete. I would open up multiple windows on my laptop and multi-task, but not want to end any of it, till the flashpoint of the deadline reaches. The work would almost be complete, would require a minimum of additional effort, but stays that way.

That was work, but this also was a pattern that existed in other spheres of life. I was an ardent reader, and it would take me a few hours to complete a book that I pick up, but nearing the end, I would give up.

Balvinder, Gurgaon

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The one on one session is a must for anybody struggling with moving forward in life (be it emotional/ physical/ it’s all interconnected) After the session I feel that all the questions in my head got answered in a way. I feel very relaxed and in control of myself, which is a rare case for me. I’ve received clarity as to what I can do to improve my state of mind and health. It’s given me the courage to be more honest with myself and others around me. 

I’m in gratitude to the Kryon Wisdom Centre for their amazing team and enlightening workshops they offer.

Sanna Katyal, Noida

I Timsy Sethi completed the one on one sessions.

My experience of the session is as below.

I had a one on one session for nearly four/six hours with Poonam. When I arrived to see her, I was egotistic, jealous and full of blame for other people. My nature has always been volatile. I’ve had to fight for everything all my life. My relationship with my family was almost non-existent.

Timsy Sethi, Mumbai

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The one on one session was not only liberating but also very eye opening. I felt a sense of calm and at the same time an array of emotions that I didn’t think I would feel.

The purpose for which I came there  was fulfilled but through the experience I had more questions I thought I wanted answers to, in due time I think.

Salonie Patel, Mumbai

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I have had one on one sessions at various points in my life to work on my relationships and health. Each session is so intense and gives me so much clarity.

When I wanted to work on a health issue, the facilitator took me to a past life in less than a few minutes!

Rohini Fernandes, Mumbai

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It was great to have a comfortable and open environment to speak in, it felt like a burden had been lifted off my chest and it was very liberating!

It was great to speak to you, and genuinely it helped put me at ease.

Soumya Khedkar, Mumbai

I participated in a one day PLR. Later I assisted in a PLR when I was pregnant. The doctor had advised me bed rest as I was admitted in the hospital. After the PLR, all my reports improved including the baby’s health in the womb.

The doctor at the sonography clinic was surprised at the remarkable shift in mine and the baby’s health.

Parul Kanse, Mumbai

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It has been interesting, insightful and a pleasure.  Feedback of the overall experience and insights:

I believe it was deeply engaging session. I was able to realise even more clearly just how much I had blocked my feelings away to desensitise myself from the childhood experiences.  Whilst the block was there to protect myself, the impact of such an emotional block is that I would deny the child in me to be heard. 

Avni, Singapore

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One on One sessions have been very supportive for me in my life journey, at various junctures and in various areas.

I have always found myself held strongly by the Coach in the session – with a fierce commitment of delivering value to me and causing a deep impact in the area where I have asked for support….and beyond

Shally Khedkar, Mumbai

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