One on One Counselling and Past Life Regression


Are you faced with:

  • An issue, which seems unresolvable?
  • Stuck in a stubborn pattern / habit / addiction from which you can untangle yourself
  • A fear or memory, which haunts you?
  • A thought, which has chained you into being unproductive?

Welcome to your own one on one session with Kryon Wisdom Centre!


This is the space where you will feel held, supported and listened to, like a loving friend would, and not given advice or talked down to!


Our team of trained Coaches, Counsellors, Body Workers, Past Life Therapists & Psychotherapists are committed to help you in clearing the cobwebs and interferences of the past, perhaps even past lives, and create action plans for a new and more powerful you…


By prior appointment FOUR HOUR SESSIONS


  • Regressing to source of the pattern
  • Understanding the root cause and impact of the same
  • Release the underlying cause of this pattern and helping you to
  • Experience clarity and freedom to recreate a new YOU powerfully
  • Investment: Rs. 23,600 (inclusive of 18% GST)

In our sessions you will not be mollycoddled, but will be held with commitment and encouraged to walk out with a belief in yourself and specific action plans to live the same!!!

We encourage you to walk in if you know that you want to live a powerful life, not in some distant future….BUT NOW…

And you will not allow anyone, not even yourself, to come in the way!