Would you like your animals and plants to listen to you?

What if you too could listen and tune into what they want to say to you?

All Kingdoms are family to us and intricately bonded andweaved together. While the animals and plants could live happily without us, it is us humans who won’t be able to live without them. It is essential to create a harmonious and balanced relationship not just with our pets, but also tune into the universal energy and connect with the every being around us.

Inviting you to attend a three-day workshop on Reiqi and Telepathic Communication with Animals, Plants and People.

Method used

We practise the method of Reiqi to teach Human, Animal and Plant Communication. Reiqi is a scientific technique utilising thought, intent, and action energy of various frequencies and vibration.

Reiqi is based on the principle that the any being can channel energy into one self, and / or to another, by means of touch and thought energy; to activate and / or restore physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

It is experiential in nature and a simple technique to learn from the age of 4 onwards.

When you practice Reiqi, you start clearing your own energies and blockages; learn how to energize, heal and telepathically communicate with humans, animals and plants.

Giving Reiki energises and helps in reducing stress, emotional issues, fears, anxieties, behavior problems and facilitates the healing process. When we learn to listen and communicate, we begin to see a whole new world from different dimensions.


Three days of interactive and experiential learning
Timings: 10AM to 11PM
Investment: Rs. 23,600 (inclusive of 18% GST)
Venue: Mumbai, India
What will one learn?

  • REI-KI(QI) as an energising tool to heal oneself, animals and plants
  • Telepathic Communication with the plant and animal kingdom
  • Through Reiqi, release and free oneself from blocked emotions and express feelings in a healthy way
  • Resolving behavioural issues
  • Understanding and aiding animals and plants
  • Connecting with different forms of nature (rocks, ocean, landscapes etc.)
  • The purpose of plants and animals in our lives
  • Discovering animals, plants, nature and spirit guides
  • Shape Shifting and Astral Travelling