It's true , we have wings and...we are meant to fly!

But do we have access to the wings orwill that remain the heart’s yearning Till the day we die?

The experience of being human is the abilityto work at our maximum potential and explore the endless possibilities. Our life and relationships become more meaningful when we explore our beliefs, emotions and vulnerabilities.

The Workshop ‘Who Am I ? ‘ when engaged in with truth and devotion, takes us beyond the conceptual realm of ‘ We have wings , we SHOULD fly’ It cuts through the unconscious, that runs our life… And connects us to the consciousness itself… Bringing an actionable access to new possibilities and powerful choices.

It is a journey of transcending the conceptual and, EXPERIENCING the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly!

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Who Am I is a leadership journey which happens over a period of six months. The Workshop includes :

  • One Residential Session of 5 nights- 6 days
  • One Follow-up Residential Session of 2 nights- 3days
  • Support in putting the learnings of the Workshops in action through a practical Live Project, over a period of six months
  • Investment: Rs. 1,65,000 + 18% GST (Rs. 1,94,700) 

The sessions are engaging, experiential and connect to the karmic and akashic records of the participants. The team and the space is committed to deliver deep transformation in a no nonsense, yet fun way!

Who Am I is one of the most subtle programs that works on transforming your DNA.


Vijay Vinjamur

Narendra Arora

Shivesh Katewa

Sanmati Nahar



Feedback of Past Participants

  • Dancing with polarities!
  • Truth is the foundation of love!
  • Embrace uncertainty!
  • Prepare your chidden for the road rather than a road for your your children !
  • Walk the path and your purpose with unfold!
  • Every intention has been fulfilled in a serendipitous way!
  • My relationship with fear and self doubt has transformed!
  • Work on yourself before you seek to help others!
  • The world is truly beautiful, there is abundance everywhere!
  • Every specie in nature vibrates at the their full potential except humans.
  • This program helped me understand I can also vibrate at full potential.
  • Clarity on life!
  • Get to the bottom lone!
  • Super ready to leave Mumbai!
  • Filter all the carp! 
  • This workshop helped me rebuild trust in myself community around and life as a whole.
  • I experience shift in energy deep within at all levels.
  • This was a paisa vasool workshop for me. I could reflect and become self aware.
  • Simplicity of the learning process!
  • Redefined our beliefs around!
  • Trust!
  • Help!
  • Surrender!
  • Authenticity!
  • Learnt how to strip my ego!
  • Bottom line communication!
  • Tools available for clarity of purpose, living with purpose and the knowledge that
  • I am  responsible for the purpose!